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Project pan: November 2016


It’s time for yet another project pan. Still working on reducing my stock. let’s go!


My favorite shampoo of Yves Rocher. I still had in sample size. So took it with me to the pool. It’ finally up. Still got more of them i think 🙂


A mini of the cherry blossom shower gel of Yves Rocher. Smells good and does the trick. But not really that amazing to buy the real one.


A mini scrub that removes the dead skin cells. It works good but like a more sand textured ones. The scrubbing particles are completely round so soft for the skin. Will not buy it, but still have more samples of it.


Finally finished the day creme of the sensitive vegetal line. You need a little each time you use it. It still looks like there is still product inside. That is the plastic bag that keeps the product air free. This design is made so the most sensitive skin gets uncontaminated care from it. The cost is €18.00 per pomp bottle. The texture is light but will only work on a normal/combinated or oily skin. A dry skin needs more comfort.


This camomile cleansing butter i already discussed in the project pan August 2016 article.

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