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Project pan: January 2017



New year, new month project pan!


Yup again a finished shampoo. Like in July’s project pan from last year.


This is actually a new conditioner that came out last year. Works pretty good. Gives the hair more shine and softer. And for €5.90 not that expensive.


This face creme smells really like cucumber. The texture is light. And one drop is enough for face and neck. The basis is cucumber, aloe vera, dead sea minerals and spirulina. If your’re looking for a budget face moisturizer with a lot of natural ingredients from a good company, this is a good choice. It cost €14.99


Originally this is made for aged, thin and fragile skin. I used it more like a night oil under my night creme. And sometimes alone. And in the meantime this product has a new packaging. It cost €33.90. The old one is 10 ml, now it is 30 ml for the same price. And the added rose oil. So 31 kinds of oil now. I still have the new one in stock. So if that one works for me. I might repurchase it.


Already discussed this scrub in November last year.

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