Products i have used up from January 1st till 30th of April


Love the products i have used up video’s on YouTube. So thought that i will show you mine today. I was thinking that i will show every couple of months this as a recurrent article. So let me know in the comment below if you think that is a good idea. IMG_6003

All the products together. I might used more up in the mean time but threw it out before i decided to do this. Most of it is from Yves Rocher because i work there par-time. This will not effect my opinion of the brand and products on this blog. I did purchase all the products with my own money.


The cleansing milk and lotion of Yves Rocher for the dry skin with concentrate the ash tree inside. The products are paraben, mineral oils and colorant free. Smells great and works oke. But if it comes by accident in my eye it burns like hell. I know it is not for removing eye make up. But sometimes you’re so tired that you mess up. I will not repurchase it because with milk you need to work with cotton pads with both bottles. And had the feeling still that i needed to clean my face. They are € 7,90 a piece.


The hydrating mask of Yves Rocher with maple sap inside. Used it every time after my weekly face scrub. Left my skin soft and hydrated but only for a couple of hours. The next day was my skin dehydrated as the day before the mask. So because it doesn’t work for my skin i won’t repurchase. Price is €11,90


Yes one of my favorite brands. Face peeling of Sensai cosmetics. Is a powder that you mix with water. When you open the cap and hold the bottle up side down above you hand the powder comes out for one use. This is very handy. It is very expensive one but when i can’t find an better i will repurchase. Cost per bottle €73,22. Used the little emulsion for a week long. Helped against the dry skin that i have in the winter. But is also expensive normally. I will see if i can find a better one.


Yes the Riche line of Yves Rocher is for thin and very dry skin. Had a period last winter that my skin felt as sandpaper. So used this as a rescue treatment for a month as night creme and mask every tree days. It helped but i will never use it again. The smell for me is awful to me. And because its normally not needed for my skin. Cost €34,- per pot.


As my skin can be dry as the desert it can be with impurities the next day. Never big but more the size of a little pinhead. So when that is i used the Pure system of Yves Rocher with salicylic acid and aloe vera. Only where i need it. This is a clay mask which i like about it. But don’t need to repurchase it anymore because there are better clay mask out there. Cost €9,90 per tube.


Yes i wear contact  and i have a pair of classes. I switch them every day. And this is my lens solution. I have soft lenses and this works for me. When i have something in my eye what i feel but can’t see. I will rinse my eye with it if i don’t have clean water. In my purse i always have a little size with me. So will repurchase obviously. Cost 12.99 per bottle.


Dove go fresh deodorant with pomegranate and lemon verbena. One that works for me. Always have one in my handbag. You never know when you need it. Very soft on my skin and cost €3,99 per bottle.


Already repurchased this argan body scrub from Yves Rocher. Leaves my skin very soft after using it. Cost € 22,90 per pot.


At the moment my favorite shampoo. Based on jojoba oil from Yves Rocher. It’s a shampoo for damaged and dry hair. My hair isn’t that but in good condition. I still use it for the reason so i don’t need to use conditioner. With my thick hair the use of conditioner makes it too heavy. Cost €5,90 per bottle.


Once a week i use a mask on dry hair. To nourish my hair and keep the condition it is. This one works well for my hair. And repurchase regularly. Cost €11,90 pet pot.


On my hair no dry shampoo ever works. So waste of my money. Cost € 5,25 per bottle.


I bleached my hair last winter for high lights and used this conditioner of Yves Rocher with hawthorn. Hair became softer and a little more nourished. It became quickly to thick of a texture for my hair. So it is a good product but not for me anymore. Cost € 5,90 per tube.


This conditioner with oat of Yves Rocher i used recently when i dyed my hair back to my natural hair color. Was again very quickly to thick for my hair. So from now one i think i will only use a conditioner after my hair had contact with chlorinated water. Cost as well €5,90 per tube.

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