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Phone declutter.

So today I opened my phone. And was completely finished with how my screen looked. No, he is not broken. But was such a mess. Different apps in folder other are in themselves. And I also finished my background. Since it is already February again, it was time for a new look. And to get rid of all unnecessary data. I’ve done everything from photos to hidden data from apps.

My first and greatest annoyance were all those apps. Since I have a Samsung where a number of apps immediately get up where you do nothing but can not do it. Immediately put in a folder. That saves a lot of separate apps in your app screen.

After I had arranged that, it was time to remove all apps that I do not use. Everything that you have not opened for weeks can go off. The play store is very handy with every app when it last opened. So I soon found out that I had two apps for customer cards. but only use one.

After only the apps remained that I use, it was time to empty the cache. you do this in your settings => apps => click app => save => clear cache. this provides more space on the phone without losing important data. Now that you are in your settings, I would immediately go to the device maintenance. To be opened and optimized.

In my app screen I now have 7 folders: cards, games, health, samsung, social, useful and vegan. This does include all my apps. under useful sit apps such as gallery. and under samsung all apps that can not be done. there are all customer cards under cards. and under health my food diary and gym app. The other speak for themselves. Gave them each a color to cheer it up too.

Now it was my home screen. Here I wanted only the apps that I use every day. This amounts to five social media apps, customer cards app, email, whatsapp, food diary and Garmin app. and of course the standard row of messages, call, camera, internet and the button to the app screen.

Of course the last thing I do is find a new background and install it. I always delete pictures as soon as i get them if the are not important., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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