Persistent misunderstandings in pimples.

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No skin complaint about which so much is said and claimed as pimples. Internet flows from the home-garden-and-kitchen-tips. Especially in teenagers, the online beauty vlogs are sacred. But is everything you see? The most persistent misunderstandings.

Pimples are contagious
No, not at all.

Although bacteria play a role in the development of pimples, the condition is definitely not contagious. In fact, everyone carries the bacteria in question, called p. acnes, with him. Acne is ultimately caused by a combination of factors such as predisposition, hormonal disturbances, and lifestyle.

Acne is caused by poor hygiene
Not true!

That is quite a persistent misunderstanding. Maybe as stubborn as the complaint itself can be. A survey once showed that even under medical students poor hygiene is indicated as the cause of acne. Unfortunately! Because of these false assumptions, patients will, again and again, have the tendency to cleanse their skin overly and hard. Do not! You only make things worse.

Brushes and scrubs keep the skin clean and free 
Not always.

The use of scrubs and brushes can damage the skin (unnoticed), making it only more restless. Your skin is already unbalanced as it is. Don’t use them on active acne. Cleaning is best done with a product that is as mild as possible. Twice a day.

Going and effective: spread toothpaste on your pimples overnight
Do not!

Also a pretty stubborn one. In toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate. Although pimples dry out, it also breaks down the barrier layer of the skin. This allows bacteria and dirt to enter more easily, more sebum is created and the chance of new pimples only increases.

A lot of sweating can cause acne
It seems something else

Perspiration can exacerbate acne. But that mainly has to do with not properly cleaning the skin after sweating. Just keep on exercising so, because did you know that exercise and relaxation also do a lot for your skin condition?

Pimples with a white head can best be squeezed out
Better not

Sticking with your fingers is actually the best in almost all cases. Because squeezing is often wrong than good and often makes the ‘picture’ worse. Only if you really have something important, and your pimple already has a white tip, you could very carefully puncture with a sterilized needle in a pimple and express it. But work clean. Or go to the professional.

As a teenager, you just have to grow over acne
No! Seek help

This is one of the biggest and most annoying misunderstandings about acne. Because it is just so important that you treat a skin with pimples as quickly as possible and get under control. The more you let it run its course, the longer you will have to deal with a period of uncertainty and shame. You also run the risk of scars that are very difficult to get rid of.

You get pimples from a lot of chocolate
It mainly concerns the sugars (and milk)

Dairy products and foods with bad carbohydrates seem to be able to exacerbate acne. The cause of acne is a bacteria that lives of sugar! In most chocolate bars you have both: milk and sugar. But the outbreak of pimples never arises solely from what you eat. Did you know that factors such as stress also influence the skin condition? Chronic stress and too little sleep can also aggravate acne complaints. In short, make sure that you also take care of ‘the inside of your skin’.

Non-comedogenic products are better for pimples
No, it often makes no difference

Substances that are comedogenic tend to clog sebaceous glands, causing pimples or worsening existing acne. Unfortunately, products that are labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ rarely cause an improvement of complaints. Do not stare blindly at skincare with this claim. Instead, seek out mild skin care and opt for active substances such as salicylic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A acid or niacinamide. These ingredients do have a proven effect on acne.

On this topic, I will make a second post. To explain how a pimple actually becomes a pimple. If you have questions put them under this post. I will answer them then.

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