Pain free on heels hack!

I discovered a hack that makes you run pain-free on heels!
Finally an excuse to get all those beautiful pumps from under the dust
Pumps, heels, stilettos, I keep having a love-hate relationship with them.

Because after a few hours on those devil’s shoes my feet die and I do not wear the shoes for weeks. Or rather, I did. I discovered a hack that allows me to sustain easy peasy for a day on heels. And yes, without pain!

The secret.
The secret? The only thing you need is skin-friendly tape. It does not matter whether you use sports tape, fashion tape or adhesive plaster. Stick a piece of tape around your third and fourth toes (counted from your big toe). Make sure that the two toes (not too tight) are stuck together. Use the tape at both your feet, and voilà! No pain and gain.

Lesson anatomy:
In your foot, a nerve splits to your third and fourth toes. This is the culprit of all your heels problems. When you feel pressure on the nerve, you get pain. By taping your third and fourth toes, you get the tension of that nerve and you also feel a lot less pain.

Nothing is perfect.
Unfortunately, the tape hack is not perfect. If you have open shoes, there is a chance that the tape will stand out. You can avoid that by buying thin, skin-colored tape.

There is a limit.
The trick does not work infinitely. Dancing all-night non-stop on heels of 12 centimeters eventually also becomes painful. But dancing half a night is also good!Related image, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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