New Launched! Le Plaisirs Nature: sensual, energizing and relaxing of Yves Rocher


Today i will give you a sneak peek of the new products launched by Yves Rocher. I got four products of the line. Witch are three shower gels and one sugar scrub for the body.  There are three groups within this body care line: Energize, Relaxing and Sensual. Witch all have their own combination of fragrances. The complete line is Ph. balanced, paraben free, ethoxyl free, mineral oil free and containers are from recycled plastic. The percentage of natural ingredients diver per product, starting from 93% – 98%. The old line was the percentage 87% till 97%. So that’s an improvement.IMG_5984

Relaxing: Orange blossom – lavender – , Orange blossom – almond, lavender – black berry

Energizing: Peppermint – raspberry, Mandarin – lemon – cedar, mango – coriander

Sensual: bourbon vanilla, coconut

Ingredients shower gel bonbon vanilla.
Ingredients shower gel almond and orange blossom. Because of the color it was hard to photograph.
Ingredients shower gel mango and coriander.

So as you can see are there eight different combinations. The vanilla and coconut stayed the same as the old ones in terms of scent. In the old ones wat raspberry alone and now combined with peppermint. There are differences between the scents in terms of use. Like all the scents have a shower gel but only two also have a shower scrub.

The line came out earlier this month in the shops here (The Netherlands) But not every store has it every item on display. The prices vary from €1.95 till €11.95.

Ingredients sugar scrub mandarin, lemon and ceder


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