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Here is a preview of the new line of after suns of Yves Rocher. A real scoop if i may say. The will not be in stores till April 2016. Then the sunscreens will be there as well but didn’t have them in yet to show you. The after suns consist out of 3 products: one for the face, a face/body one and a mask. Yes a mask! The line is based on sea holly. A plant that will have several positive properties for the skin.

x17-0409_mini_knijpertjes_paars_1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.DsCNoebE8xBoost melanin, stimulates cell renewal, stimulates the skins own protection against the sun, protects the skin structure and photoaging.

This is tested in vitro. And they also claim to tested it under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision. Further more the say that there are no nano particles, mineral oils, fragrance, parabens and colorants inside it. I saw pretty quickly that it doesn’t say on every product the same. On the face one not at all in fact. The mask also is 97% natural origin. And the face/body one is 91% and apparently is only mineral oil, colorant and paraben free. There is noting in the bottle about fragrance and nano particles free so it is in there? A bit suspicious it you ask me.


Part one of the mask ingredients list
And part two
The how to apply it


Ingredients list of the face/body after sun


Ingredient list from the after sun face only one.

IMG_5893 IMG_5894

Here you see the color and texture of the creme’s. They are for me still fluid textured, not gel like. Of course cooling on the skin. And goes in the skin very quick.

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