Natural cosmetics vs Normal cosmetics


You probably have some ‘Natural’ cosmetics in use at the moment. But are products with natural ingredients also natural? Right? Unfortunately this is not quite that simple. The difference between normal and ecological cosmetics are the ingredients that are used. Normal cosmetics use synthetic ingredients in the products. While the ingredient of ecological cosmetics from the nature. There are different variations of course. Some normal cosmetics can consist natural ingredients. And ecologic cosmetics can hold synthetic ingredients. This makes is confusing.

Natural ingredient need to be altered to make that usable in cosmetics. Usually this be done in a laboratory. In the most cosmetic products is in the ingredients list water listed. Noted as aqua and mostly first in the list. This will be altered in normal cosmetics and natural cosmetics. When water is added there is also a preservative used to let the product not get spoiled. This is a difficult point to keep everything pure. So it is the integrity and filosofie of the brand producent.

Synthetic conservatries are cheaper and the use of it is the primary reason that products are not 100% natural. Some company’s use instead things like plant based conservatives as vitamin C & E, rosemary and radish extract. This makes the product more save but not with a longer shelf life.


Of course it can be that you’re allergic for lavender or any other natural ingredient. Luckily there are also natural cosmetics for the sensitive skin. The most important thing is to watch the ingredient list for anything you’re allergic too. And if you want to try a new product ask for a sample or buy instead of the full size, the travel size. So when you’re not allergic for it can you expect the same effectiveness as a normal cosmetics? Yes you can! And most of the time they are more powerful than normal cosmetics. The thought about it is than your body will recognize a natural ingredient better than synthetic ingredients. And the percentage of active ingredients is more room for than normal ingredients. The simple reason behind is that silicones, stabilizers and conservatives take space in the products. What makes less room for active ingredients.

No animals.

Years ago every new cosmetic product was tested on animals. Now its not allowed in Europe anymore. Ingredient are still used that in the past were tested on animals. That makes the claim ‘Animal Cruelty Free’ less strong. Still is in natural products the use of honey, beeswax, lanolin and carmine pigment. Carmine pigments are made from shields of insects. So if you want no animals parts in you’re cosmetics pick some up with the vegan logo. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vegan logo

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