My tips to lose weight the healthy way.

First of all i am not a doctor or a dietician or anything like that. This is basically the way i am doing it myself. If you have any medical conditions please ask advice from your doctor. So now the legal talk is out of the way. Lets begin ;P

Go digitaly track yourself!

I use a few apps on my phone. One is named Food, that way i track all my calorie intake with. Very handy to use. You can scan the barcode of an article or search manually. My goal is to stay under my max every day. If your max is 2000 calories a day, eat only 1800. This way if you have a day you are going out to eat and eat more that 2000. It’s not really a disaster right away. You saved some up too balance it out over the week. I have no list of things i can’t eat. Because when i say to myself ‘No you can’t eat that’ I will crave it even more. But to keep under your calorie goal you will make eventually better choices. And i weighed everything with a scale.

Now i do have a activity tracker watch on my wrist. The Garmin vivosmart HR+ in the color purple.

This comes with an app too named Garmin connect. I use this to track my movements during the day like steps, stairs up/down, biking and swimming. Also what i find very use full is tracking my sleep. Because i only be at my best with at least 8 hours of sleep. And less than that gets me grumpy.

Move that butt.

Yes, i have a gym membership and go to it as well. My gym is in the same building as the swimming pool. So because i am member there i can use the pool as well. So twice a week i am at the gym. In the pool i follow aqua-aerobics classes and swimming. And every friday i go boxing. This means i go 3 a 5 times a week to do something that gets my heart rate up. And i always set my gym time in my agenda. This way i actually go. Now i try to walk 10.000 steps a day too. This is still a process to work on for me. But this is oké.

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