My recent purchases.

With a week not blogging due to laptop failure. I am back with my recent purchases. It will give you also a sneak peek on upcoming articles. These items are bought with my own money.

These water bottle’s from Contigo i ordered from Amazon. Had one before that had double walls so you could keep your drink longer cool or hot broke. This meant that water could come between the two walls. Not very hygienic. So was time for a new one. So after looking i found these 3 colours. In America and Canada you have a longtime guarantee with purchase.  This model is €21,95. I love that it has a switch that blocks the nozzle button. This way it can’t open in  my bag.

For all the non dutch readers: This is a planner that is made by the Dutch beauty youtuber Mascha Feoktistova. There are a couple versions made. Now she recently came out with a pastel blue one. I made the decision to buy this for planning articles mostly. Love that she made the cover of paper instead of plastic. Makes beter pictures. Prize is €24,95

And of course with a new planner you need new highlighters. These pastel ones are so nice! Of course the good quality that Stabilo is known for. Paid €7,99 for. Now is a pack way cheaper than buying them lose. Hope they keep making these.

Of course a beauty blogger can’t go without getting some skincare while shopping. This tonic from Lush smells so good. Very flowery with lavender and rose. If i am lazy i spray it directly. But they recommend it on a cotton pad. For €13,95 it’s reasonably priced. Nail tape it something i was looking for a while. While i wrote this i did not test it out yet. But planning it. This i ordered also from Amazon. Costs € 7,65 per bottle.

Years ago i came to know about brush guards. Then i had one brush and thought it was useless product. Now about 20 brushes in my collection. My thoughts are turned 180 degrees. I keep my makeup brushes in a drawer. When open and close it they move. This damages the bristles. Now for €12,95 it looks expensive. And that was my first response was that exactly. But still my brushes are more expensive. So when i opened it i was quite surprised that they were very sturdy and well made. I would definitely recommend these as a present to a makeup lover.

So i bought two advent calendars this year. The Yves Rocher one costs €39.95 and the Body shop one €55,00. Now i will open the days and make probably a daily article. Let me know your thoughts about this. They are both big dut the Body Shop one opens like a book. Which i love.

So excited to blog again after a week. I now have a new laptop i already love. So i will go for it! Are you with me?, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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