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I opted last year too digitize my agenda. I was done with it. Every time the appointment changed i strike through it. In no time everything became a mess. So google agenda it was!. So i will tell you how i did it.

First of you need to decide what is important to put in it. In my personal agenda i plan the most. From birthdays i need to attend till my work schedule. And in this agenda also is blocked out time to blog. What blog post is launched that day. So is your agenda only for yourself or the whole family?

Decide for every area or family member a color. This way the name or location is no need to add. For my work is red, blog is blue and traveling is yellow. Keep it consistent.Every task i need too do is in there too. From email till lunch breaks. Even my sleep time is scheduled. Some of you might think this is going to far. But if you like working on something like my blog. You will forget the time.

Here are what quick tips to do today:

  • Slide a job’s deadline forward two days. You are always on time.
  • Make a weekly schedule every Friday and every day a schedule for the next day.
  • Do the important things immediately in the morning before you get overloaded with other tasks.
  • Make a book of ideas and put it on your desk. Every idea that comes up with you will be written quickly. Later you work out.
  • Make sure your desk and your folders or mailboxes are cleaned up.
  • Get plans and handy overviews of your desk and hang them on the wall.
  • Reward yourself if you have completed a task well, just with a cup of tea.
  • How busy do you have, never skip your lunch break. You need food and your head needs a break too.

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