My most loved bracelets.


Today i will show you my most loved bracelets. I only wear one on my right wrist every day. That one is made of silver. I only take it of when i do a treatment. Because it will hit the face of my client. All the other bracelets i wear on special occasions. All of them where gifts. Hope you like it


This silver bracelet is a gift of my mom. It’s made for the option to ad charms to it. I’m not sure i will do that because it always end up dragging the bracelet down on one point. love the minimalist look of it.


This candy looking bracelet is of Venizi. I got it from my old neighbors that moved to America. Its very fragile looking and a real eye catcher.


This pearl bracelet is a made with cultured pearls which is cheaper than natural grown. Also a gift of my mom. And moms knows best in this case. A good fitted pearl necklace or bracelet always be in style. Make sure they are made with a rope because that’s better for the pearls.


My Buddha looking bracelet is a gift of my brother. Yes whiteout anyone’s help he found it. It has glass beads that always feel cool to the skin when you put it on. The beads will take over your body’s temperature. This wears very comfortable. The Buddha looking is made of hard material i don’t know how its called. I know its not a Buddha but can’t find the right Hindoo god that it is. So i will be happy if someone could tell me.


This hand made in the Philippines. The locals dive the stones up and sell them later like this. It was a gift from my parents after the when there on holiday. You can see its made with a lot of care and craftsmanship.

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