My minimalistic hair care routine


My hair doesn’t need very much care at all. Because i got really healthy hair with a natural wave in it. The wave comes out more when it is cut right by my hairdresser. I go about every 3 months to my hairdresser to get a cut. This was about 2 months first. I am letting my hair grow longer at the moment, because i want it at a length just over my collarbone. I got pretty thick hair. What i mean about that is per 1 cm² there are a lot or hairs growing out off my scalp. The individual hairs are pretty normal thickness. My hairdresser makes it thinner otherwise it will take too long to dry naturally. I use my hairdryer only when i need to go out. And even then i let it dry at least 50% before i start.


As you can see above in the picture. I only use 3 products, 2 brushes and 1 hair towel. The hair towel i only use after i dry my hair with my towel. Wrap my hair in it. It has a loop and a button to close it. Leave it on until i come out of the bathroom all dressed. Then my hair is almost 50% dry. The shampoo is based on jojoba oil and made for dry and damaged hair. The reason that i use this one is that my hair gets touched by chlorinated water at least 3 days a week. The mask i use once a week on dry hair. Leave it in for at least 30 minutes.Put it up in a bun with a big black hair clip. Forgot to put it on the photo. The little white glass pump is a hair serum i use everyday now. Its for anti breakage of the hair, but no need for it. Just using it up for now. I need to get a good leave in conditioner instead but haven’t found a good one yet.


Use a Zenner brush to get al my hair knots out en then a boar bristle hairbrush. Love the boar bristle one very much. Cant tell where to buy one because it was a gift of my mom when i was about 14 years old. So now its already 10 years old and still in good shape. I know there are very expensive but really worth the money. Makes my hair very soft. Because such a brush takes your natural sebum of your hair scalp and cotes the length of the hair it is also anti frizz and gets very shiny locks. Before using a boar brush the hair must be dry and already brushed trough to remove any knots. This brush is definitely my secret to healthy and beautiful hair

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