My favorite breakfast.

So most of the mornings I have the same breakfast. To you, this can be boring. But to me, it is one decision less that I have to make. I am not a morning person. And everyone in my immediate environment knows that. I always need to have some kind of breakfast to get myself started. If I don’t eat, hell will be it for everyone else. Then the grumpy monster comes out. Not a really attractive feature of me. But that’s the reality. And I know that I need time in the morning to completely wake up.

So as a woman with not very skilled cooking skills at all. No one should trust me in a kitchen. I don’t mind do it for myself. I like very bland and texture is important to me. Now for most people that is not ideal. So for the not skilled people like me, this is perfect. Easy and now skill needed at all.


The crab salade in this picture is easily made. All you need is an apple, crab sticks, mayonnaise/ketchup or yogurt. Cut the apple and crab sticks in small pieces. Mix the mayo/ketchup and/or yogurt to your own taste. Add the crab and apple to the sauce. Done!
I always make my oat breakfast the same. The evening before in a bowl: 1 scoop of oats with half a scoop of broken flax seeds. Add water until everything looks slightly slimy. This is because of linseed. In the fridge until the next morning. Then I add fruit that I feel like. banana, blueberries, kiwi or apple. Add some cinnamon for flavor. Frozen fruit is also an idea just put it with the mixture the night before and add less water.
If you use more than one fruit together make sure the match. Like here the blue berry’s and grapes work together because they have the same texture and not too overwhelming flavor. Always cut the grapes lengthwise in half. This is the saves way to eat them and the easiest.

So take a picture of your breakfast and leave it in the comments. I am very curious to see!, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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