My experience at the Ariane Inden Beauty salon


Today i went since a long time to a beauty salon to get a facial myself. So i got from my work €75 worth of plume’s. That’s a sort of gift certificate that you can spend on products, services and experiences. So why not treat myself. Because i am a beautician i almost never to a beauty salon myself. So i made an appointment at the flagship store in Heemstede. Went for a 60 minute facial with eyelash tinting. Total worth of €72.50 with discount on the eyelash tinting. Normally that is €15.00. The person that helped me was Joanna. I’m not sure if i writhed it correctly. She didn’t wore a name tag.

When i got settled in the chair. Got a little machine to test my hydration and oil of my skin. With oil i think she mentioned the sebum of my skin. Was both on the low side. That is logical with the swimming that i do. Chlorinated water dries your skin out dramatically. And applied also no day creme Then she began to clean my skin with a milk that when it comes into contact with water transverse to a oily substance. Then a scrub was applied and massaged in. This alone was about 20 minutes of the treatment. That is quite long. Loved it don’t get me wrong. Then she began to tint my lashes with black color. Leave that on my lashes for a couple of minutes. Removed it with cotton pads and q tips. epilated my eyebrows a little and applied a moisturizing mask. She left me alone for about ten minutes. Came back and removed the mask and applied a day creme. ARIANE-INDEN-011A

I think the treatment could be better in terms of explaining what she applied and why. I still don’t know more of my skin than it’s dehydrated and low on sebum. Didn’t got any tips to make it better. I didn’t tell her that i was a beautician. She didn’t even tell me what for skin type i have. The products she she applied were great but now idea witch one’s she used. So won’t do there any more because the knowledge was for me to low.

That is not a person but a mannequin. No idea why. A little crapy i think. Love those chairs.
On the corner after the counter they had a the beauty room. Don’t know what’s up with the boots every where. They stood also in the beauty room.

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