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Today i was reading through my personal email. And was overwhelmed by the amount of closed emails that waited for me too read. A complete 360 if you see my work email. So it was time for a overhaul! It was time to declutter and reorganize how i worked. I had 653 emails open/closed in total.

Delete all the junk.

So with the tab in Gmail all posts, i began to delete all the junk mail. And that was a lot. Several emails i noticed where from shops and wrote the names down on paper. This way you will know where you need to unsubscribe from or change the settings.


For example i got bloglovin emails every day with updates. This i changed in every week So if your’re not even reading it. why even get it. So unsubscribe it.

Proces the emails daily.

I proces my email once in the morning. and only then. The rest of the day ik do other things. So during the day comes still emails in my inbox. I will ignore them. So every morning the emails of yesterday will be processed. This way i know exactly how many i need to do. And people will need to learn to wait. It’s your time. and you need to use it your way.

Hope you find this educational and it certainly changed my email habits.

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