My current autumn skincare routine.

Today i will show you how i treat my skin daily. Of course this is for everyone different. My skincare changes with every season. Now this is because i want to use a new product or because something just doesn’t give result. So as you can see is the overview above it’s pretty elaborate bunch. A total of 15 products. As a Esthetician/Beautician i find this very normal.

My cleansing routine i use twice a day. The wheat germ oil i use for my eyes to remove the make up. This was not intentional or planned at all. I ran out of my eye makeup remover and didn’t had a back up. So after this i use the origins checks and balances face wash. You need very little bit every time. Than just spay with the toner water from Lush and cleansing is done.

Cleansing done it’s time for moisturizing. I always use eye creme first. This way nothing else gets on that part of my face. Now there are five serums shown above here. I do not use every morning or evening the same ones. The vitamine E, elixer jeunesse and serum vegetal are for in the morning. And the riche and zero defaut are for the night. Because every day my skin needs something else. The Embryolisse moisturizer goes over that.

So these products are more used once, twice a week. Now the serum vegetal one is a lysing in oil form. Used at night to softly remove dead skin cells. Popcorn scrub to keep my lips crack free and soft. Now i know they are gone discontinue this product soon. That is such a shame. The Bergman sos balm is my lip balm. And this is very vaseline like. Originally designed for skin burns or skin graze. Very multi functional. And two mask one based on green clay to clear the skin and The Body Shop sleeping mask to hydrate and refresh.

I would like it if you post a foto of your skincare routine in the comment of this article 😉

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