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My clean desk routine.


Because i work every day at my desk for this blog and get ready at the morning every day. My desk gets dirty very quickly. So every week i clean it with a bucket warm water. Use a soft biodegradable soap, sanding sponge, towel and a dust cloth. this time i changed the end look of my desk as well.


This was the mess. Not bad for most people. That towel hanging in the left corner it my special towel when i have washed my hair. Has a handy button so it stays in place.


Removed everything except my desk lamp and music boxes. It is a hassle with all the cords. Dusted the shelf and desk. Cleaned it with the soap solution and sanding sponge. Love to use the sanding sponge because the sanding side i use for stains that are not coming of easily. And then its time to put everything back in its place. After its all cleaned that is.


My laptop stand is better for my laptop cooling down. This one is easy to take with me as well.


I dust also the leaves f the plants and water them. My laptop keyboard i clean with a q tips. And when i vacuum my room i will also vacuum it. As well as my TV remotes.




Tadaa! Everything back in place. I do this once a week. And i will recommend this as well. If you have a question, just leave a comment below.

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