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Today I will show you exactly witch make up brush you use for what. At work most clients have a foundation and powder brush. And they fix the other stuff with comes inside makeup pallets or just use there fingers. My brushes are of Sigma and have them now 6 years. This is the normal sized brushes and own also a travel size kit.

Sigma F30

This big brush is for powder and made of natural hairs. Perfect for powdering the hole face after foundation. This one is pretty regular sized. Cost a whopping $30,00 or €27.25. The prices are on the site in dollar so the euro price can fluctuate a bit. Was pretty hard to make clear pictures because of the reflecting silver metal on the brushes.

Sigma F50

The dual fiber brush is made for powder and liquid make up. Gives the skin a airbrushed effect. Personally I use this not for liquid make up. More for applying bronzer. Natural hairs with liquid make up is a pain to clean. Cost $27,00 or €24,50.

Sigma F40

The white angled brush is perfect for applying blush. The shape of the brush makes it very easy to follow the contour of the face. This is one brush I defiantly recommend buying instead of using the brush you sometimes get with a blush. Cost $23,00 or €20,90.

Sigma F60

The classic foundation brush is always of synthetic hairs. Make sure more of the foundation gets on your face evenly than with the fingers. Nowadays there exist also stippling brushes that are made round. So the streaking is less. Personally use both for foundation but like the classic foundation brush a bit more. Because I use less make up and easier to clean. Cost $22,00 or €19,95.

Sigma F70

The concealer brush is like a little foundation brush. Also synthetic hairs and best match for the skin around the eyes. Also works good with liquid eyeshadow. Cost $15,00 or €13,60

Sigma E55

This eye brush is dense packed natural hairs for applying equal color on the hole eyelid.  Use only for powder. Not to mistake with the next one on the list. Cost $16,  or €14,50.

Sigma E60

The large shader  is bigger than the F55 and made of synthetic hairs. So can be used for liquid make up and powder. Cost $17,00 or €15,45.

Sigma E40

The tapered blending brush is made of natural hairs and pretty fluffy. Made for blending powder eyeshadow for a gradual color change. Cost$17,00 or €15,45.

Sigma E30

This pointy shaped synthetic haired brush is for making a nice crease and smudging the upper and lower lash lines out. Cost $15,00 or €13,60.

Sigma E05

The eyeliner brush is a very small pointy synthetic brush. Made for the perfect gel eyeliner. Cost $15,00 or €13,60.

Sigma E65

The small angel synthetic brush can also be used as the eyeliner brush. And also perfect for shaping the eyebrows. This is how i use is all the time. Cost $15,00 or €13,60.

Make up studio spooly

And for those natural looking brows and de detangled eyelashes is the spool shaped lash and brow brush. I always call it a spooly. Not from sigma this last one. Could not find the price anymore but not more then €10,00 I think.


  • Always use synthetic haired brush with liquid make up.
  • A foundation brush, big powder brush, blush brush, concealer brush are the basic brushes you need to own for applying make up.
  • Clean them once a week with lukewarm to cold water and a mild soap.
  • Let the brushes drying in a hanging position. This way the metal cone gets completely dry. And let the glue inside intact.
  • Buy good quality brushes like me and treat them well. They will last for years.

See you next time.



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