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Konmari: Shoes


Yet another decluttering post today. And what i have seen on YouTube my collection of shoes is pretty normal sized. Still i do not use all very regular. Like my outdoor shoes. But will still keep these. My criteria for keeping the shoes was comfort very important. When i put any on that hurt in any way they got thrown out.

So these are all my everyday shoes, slippers and fancy shoes. 1 pair of outdoor shoes, 1 pair boots, 2 pair of heels, 2 pair Birkenstocks, 2 pair of flipflops and my 2 pair of work shoes. The blue sporty shoes have wedge heel. So lets see what can go!

These two pairs can go. The silver Birkenstock hurt my feet because they are old and broken. The black Ecco’s i wear at work. They walk very good but they are to ript and tornt up to look good. They also let water in when it rains. Luckily i have new ones.

So i am keeping 8 pairs of shoes as a woman! Pretty proud of that. The heels next to my sporty wedges are not much worn but more for weddings ect type of events. The black flipflops are always in my sport bag.

So i forgot one pair while i was did this. Because they where on my feet. They are Uggs slippers. Have these all 3 years. So 9 pairs i am keeping 😉

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