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Konmari: Papers


Today i did clean out all of my papers in one go! Was way more than i expected it to be. Cleared 6 binders in total. I’m all exited about the konmari method of decluttering. Papers are the second place she said to declutter. Clothing is first. But because in my house we gonna clean out the attic. And i got 2 moving boxes there. I want the empty purple folders in one of the boxes for when i move out. I just opened all the folders and teared out what was no longer of use. Keep the papers with personal information separate of the rest. So you can shred this. Books and magazines are also in the category of paper.

As you can see after just two hours of going thru all my folders i came up with 4 piles of stuff to recycle. And 3 boxes of electronics. Next to that a pile of plastic, normal papers, books/magazines and the to shred papers. Books/magazines are going to the library or gym. So other people can enjoy them. Plastic is recycled as well in the Netherlands so in the plastic container they go! The normal papers and the boxes go in the paper container as well. The to shred pile of papers with personal information i will shred and recycle after. This i always do with something that has possible sensitive information of me or others. Just to be save 😉

As you can see above the to shred pile is pretty larger than before shredding. And below my o so beautiful empty folders and magazine holders. The purple folders i will keep. And the others will go.

Hope this article helped or motivated you! I am very happy with the result in only 3 hours of work. Let me know what Konmari part you want to see next 😉

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