It starts with a good shampoo.


Up to 1930, there still ordinary soap was used for cleaning of the hair. Not very wise, because the combination of hard water and strong de-greasing soap made for dull hair and an irritated scalp. The first real shampoos came on the market only when the synthetic soaps were developed. The use of a shampoo intended for the removal of sebum, sweat, dead skin cells, styling products and any other dirt from the scalp. Develop a shampoo that cleanses only will give the hair of a scarecrow. While your hair is clean but dull, very stiff and difficult to style. We want not only beautiful hair but also voluminous, shiny and bouncy. And yes, that understood the shampoo manufacturers. For every hair type and every her wish is to find a shampoo today. But what’s in a shampoo and what to look for when buying? Because there about hair care to tell so very much, I will divide my story in different blogs. The first blog of this series is perhaps not the most exciting but a very important, because a good shampoo that suits your hair is a must!

Your hair is dead!

Your hair is awfully dead! Before going straight run to the hairdresser, this is not just for you but for everyone … .the living cells from your scalp namely producing dead material (proteins and especially keratin) and if you’ve made her hard to the damaged hair thus not recover. Sad but true! To the hair is a thin layer of fat. This layer of fat makes the hair shine beautifully and protects the hair from damage. Too much blow-dry, curl, tinting or using harsh hair products do the protective layer of fat break and get your dull, dry, frizzy hair with split ends. If you want to keep it nice it is therefore essential to ensure that this layer remains intact or is artificially replenished after injury. And that is also the power of a good shampoo. The perfect shampoo removes sebum and dirt from the scalp and then what ended up in the hair but not irritate the scalp and ensures that the protective coating remains to her pretty intact or even enhanced. In order to choose a good shampoo you must not only examine your hair well, but then also the ingredients list. And that is not easy ….

What makes a shampoo a shampoo?


As the name suggests removing dirt and grease from the scalp and hair. The strongest cleaning are lauryl sulfates including sodium lauryl sulfate is used most. Lauryl sulfates are often used in shampoos because they are thoroughly clean and nice foam but unfortunately they can  also irritate skin and significantly damage the hair. Not such a fine option so. Slightly milder but also rather removes fat and not good for the hair and scalp are the sulfosuccinates. These substances are, like the lauryl sulfates also commonly used in shampoos for oily hair but can thus also be better avoided if it is not strictly necessary. Many shampoos are used laureth sulfates and sarcosines, these are much milder than the above ingredients but also de-greasing weaker. They are therefore more convenient for each day shampoos or shampoos for dry hair. In baby shampoos often cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium used lauraminopropionate. These substances are mild and irritate the eyes less. And except for baby shampoos also a good choice for colored or fine hair. Also solve the cationic surfactants as quaternary ammonium salts, polyoxyethylene alkyl and alicyclic amines are not as good fat and foam a lot less but they are excellent in making it soft and manageable hair and are therefore used in cleaners with minimal cleaning, such as shampoos for daily use and for colored hair. Lately you often hear that there are natural surfactants be used. This natural surfactants come from plants such as sarsaparilla, soapwort, soap bark and ivy agave but because of the poor cleaning power a very high concentration of these substances should be used (with all the associated disadvantages) and on the general process, these natural surfactants were combined with synthetic. Another strong piece of marketing so! You de-greasing her as little as possible and damage, it is important that you use the shampoo on the scalp and apply for rinsing washes the hair itself. That certainly applies to strong cleansing shampoos and anti-dandruff shampoos …


Foam materials which are added to a shampoo, there are really for the consumer. The foam ensures that there is true to divide the shampoo is well over the hair and scalp, but is not required to clean the hair properly. Indeed, the risk of skin irritation is greater if a product excessive foaming. And the fact that when you oily hair shampoo less strongly foaming than with clean hair has not to do with the degree of cleaning, but with the effect of fat on the bubble-formation. champu

Thickeners, preservatives, colors and fragrances:
Thickening agents as sodium chloride can be added just as foams because consumers think the product cleans better. The beautiful fragrance and coloring Shampoo have little use and if you are prone to irritation of your scalp you can better avoid these substances. Preservatives are, of course, in each shampoo, even in the so-called dust-free storage products. Fortunately, because otherwise your product in no time a hazardous substance full of change fungi and bacteria. Unfortunately, I often see used in shampoos fashioned preservatives; if you’re smart you avoid shampoos with preservatives like Methylisothiazolinone, quaternium 15, imidazolidinyl urea or triclosan.

Important substances that are always added to shampoos are the so-called sequestering agents. Without these substances, such as polyphosphate and EDTA would be a kind of touch shampoos in combination with hard water leave which can cause problems for your hair and scalp. The same layer attack also reflected in your kettle, bath and that heat element in advertising with the washing machine. This is also the reason that you cannot wash her better with ordinary soap.

Only clean the hair dull and stiff, with conditioning ingredients your hair smooth and shiny. These substances present a temporary nice coat the hair and fill any damage on it. They also prevent your hair static-ness. The ingredients that are usually used are as follows: Hydrolyzed animal protein, glycerin, dimethicone, polyvinylpyrrolidone and stearalkonium chloride. Also added oils to hair care products have this feature but silicone-like substances such as dimethicone and hydrolized proteins do their jobs better. That silicone could suffocate your hair is a myth. Hair does not live! All these materials is hydrolyzed protein most effective in extremely dry hair and split ends because the hair shaft can penetrate and thus may temporarily fill the damage. It is important that the proteins ‘hydrolyzed’, otherwise it is not deep enough, and rinse it off so again.

Active ingredients:
The last category, the active ingredients. Allows the shampoos can be identified. That may be vitamins, but also diamond or caffeine. In most cases, these additions make much sense, your hair is indeed dead and moreover rinse shampoo out again before the active substances can penetrate into your scalp. Waste of money so! If you have dandruff, psoriasis or eczema seborrhea then the addition of zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, sulfur or ketoconazole or useful. Do not suffer from late shampoos with these ingredients rather than stand here.

Because you’re reading this blog probably still with your hands in your hair is, I will next time with some suitable products for your hair out. If you think it does itself to make even just a warning, because the quality of the shampoo is primarily determined by the choice of cleaning and conditioning ingredients, and are not very expensive, it is really not necessary to spend a fortune on to give a shampoo. And you always come with a filled bag and an empty wallet at home from the hairdresser. Hairdressing products are often more expensive than the products in the store while they contain the same ingredients that are in the drugstore or perfumery variant. Shall moreover not mean that your hairdresser or may be a very fine shampoo that is for sale in the shop.

See you next time.shampoos1

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