Hello Gorgeous Reader,

I love to evolve in my work as an esthetician. And take my clients with me. Unfortunately, I can not help a lot of people with that alone. So after a lot of thoughts on blogging, I started in 2016.

Many posts later I helped a lot of you already with my posts. And I will keep going to do so. But there will be changes implemented. As I grow so will this blog. I love to hear from you the gorgeous reader as well! Leave a comment or email me at abeauticianlife.com@gmail.com

So here are a few posts specially for you!

  • Beauty Fact: pores cannot open and close!
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, When you browse magazines you will always come across enviable pretty faces. Full lips, an intense sexy look, and a smooth, even skin with no pores. Of course, we know that these beautiful pictures are subject to Photoshop,
  • Keratosis Pilaris: Nothing to be ashamed of!
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, Keratosis Pilaris is a difficult word for a skin condition that affects no less than a quarter of the Dutch population. So it is so common that you wouldn’t actually call it a skin condition, but rather a
  • Beauty Fact: Do you get pimples from chocolate?
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, I wonder that! There are many scientific articles that have investigated the relationship between chocolate and acne, but in most cases, it is concluded that there is no link. There is no proof! That you would get pimples
  • Are lemons Safe for the skin?
    There are many DIY videos and recipes on the internet that recommend using fresh lemon or lime juice on our skin. Often the idea is that the lemon or lime contains many times more concentrated vitamins than creams or serums and
  • Skin type: oily
    Hello, What is oily skin? Most people immediately think of glowing skin and that’s right. Oily skin is a thicker texture than normal. And produces too much sebum. You can tell that the skin is too active. We speak of oily
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