Hello Gorgeous Reader,

I love to evolve in my work as an esthetician. And take my clients with me. Unfortunately, I can not help a lot of people with that alone. So after a lot of thoughts on blogging, I started in 2016.

Many posts later I helped a lot of you already with my posts. And I will keep going to do so. But there will be changes implemented. As I grow so will this blog. I love to hear from you the gorgeous reader as well! Leave a comment or email me at abeauticianlife.com@gmail.com

So here are a few posts specially for you!

  • New NL Blog online!
    For all my dutch speaking readers here i have great news. I started a dutch blog under my own name. So for even more blogs go follow: www.tessavandenbrandt.nl google.com, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
  • Tips & Tricks: Static hair
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, I think everyone has had static hair at some point. Just think about your childhood. When I slid down a plastic slide, my hair always stood upright. Now that I slide down slides no more, my static hair
  • The history of … nail polish
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, A life without nail polish is hard to imagine for me, I have about 20 bottles in all colors, shapes, and sizes. It just goes without saying for us that nail polish exists. Yet there was once someone
  • My Daily schedule during this pandemic.
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, Mostly like me, you are pretty done with the COVID 19 crisis. Depending on where you live there are different rules in place. Here in the Netherlands we currently no complete lockdown. A lot of companies like a
  • Steaming skin: useful or not?
    Dear Gorgeous Reader, In my article in which I explain to you that pores cannot open and close, This is kind of part 2. So what do some estheticians use steamers during a treatment? My thoughts as a teenager before I
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