In the category ‘brilliant life hacks’: so you get a thread easily through a needle like this.

How much time have you spent on fumbling with a needle and thread? For anyone who attaches a knot to a piece of clothing (or an attempt at), the answer is ‘a lot’. Especially because the scene lasts ten times longer than planned and it usually ends in an abuse. Getting a thread through the smallest hole in the world is a task even for sewing pros.

What a relief.
What would you do if someone has the golden tip for this All-TIME frustration-leading problem? A tip that, despite being as simple as what has never been shared before? And the huge amount of time saves?

The secret is not even in neat and precise. On the contrary. This life hack is even completely against that principle. This is also a piece of cake for impatient people. Twitterer John Bick shares the answer. Behold:

Who would have ever thought so? We certainly do not. But we are very happy that John exists. Who will try this as soon a possible?, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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