How to get your dream job part 1

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Today I got an article about first step on getting your dream job.
Can you guess what’s it about? I will give you a hint! It’s not updating your employment record. It’s your social media. Because for you even get an invite for an interview your future employer or recruiter checks it.
It depends on what kind of social media you use of course, but in this article I will focus on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Start with making a list of social media that you use.

Start with Facebook by removing all of your ghost friend. Just be real do you really know all those friend. Anyone you haven’t talk in two years is out. Also people that are negative in any way.
Now you probably have left around 50 a 70 friends. And for probably 20 of them is your family. Set in Facebook your relationship with all of these family members. So your future employer/recruiter can see that weird port is from a weird uncle. You can choose friends but not your blood relatives. As step two I recommend to delete all of your pictures that you smoke is, being drunk of really unflattering ones. Then the last step is to check your information that’s on it like birthday, employment record, education, contact information like email etc. These you don’t want to forget.
On there is also space for you to fill in a description of yourself. Make use of it to tell for example what your hobby’s are. Making it personal but keep it honest.

If you don’t have one, make one. It’s all about making connections on a business level. Fill in every diploma, certificate, employment record etc. Describe per job your achievement and responsibility’s.
Make as many connections with a verity of people that can lift your career. Like your future employer that has that job opening you love.

This is a social media that is pretty much all pictures. Make it a habit that you post at least once in the two days. Use relative hashtags with the pictures. Remove unflattering once of course.

Don’t forget to link in every social media you have, all your profiles.Memadukan-Blog-Dengan-Media-Sosial


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