How to treat your neck everyday.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hals


Lately i got the question a lot from clients for a special creme for the neck. These creme’s exist of course on the market. But will it make you happy to purchase another special product? In mine opinion is it not worth it. The ingredients are usually the same as your face creme that you already own. Specially if you use already anti-aging. Normally the woman and men that are asking have the age round 30 a 40 years and older. By this time the skin around the neck shows some aging. But start taking care of your neck earlier. So here are my tips for a beautiful neck at all ages:

  1. Clean your neck the same way as the rest of your face everyday. The face and neck are exposed the same to influences from your environment.
  2. Use a sun protection (SPF) every day.
  3. Wear scarfs when the weather is cold, very windy or raining.
  4. Wear necklaces only during the day. Take them of while sleeping.

Of course play your genetics a big role in how your skin overall will age. But good habits will make a big difference too. Look at your mother and father on how they age. This way you can anticipate for yourself., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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