How to: Salon etiquette for clients


Last time i showed you how to make an appointment correctly. this time i will tell you how to behave in a salon as a client.

Don’t be late.

When you have a appointment at 1 o’clock be there at ten for 1. If you come late 10 minutes you’re treatment will be 10 minutes shorter. Don’t expect anything else. Or to early for that matter. We will not help you sooner because you’re 30 minutes early.

Make the correct appointment.

Don’t ask for an additional treatment while your booked treatment already started. Like tinting of the eyelashes. If it is not standard in the treatment. The treatment must be prolonged in time. We book the time that you will need when you make the appointment. And after you comes the next client. So there is no extra time for eyelash tinting over.

Put you’re cellphone on silence or out.

There are other treatment happening next door. If you can be called for an emergency tell your beautician before the treatment. She or he will decide if it is acceptable reason.

Keep it professional.

We are no shrinks or you’re best friend. Keep the drama of you life to yourself. Any response or silence from the beautician will be awkward and misplaced. So don’t create that situation. Not relaxing for yourself either.

Leave you’re kid(s) at home.

A beauty salon isn’t made for kids. We will not babysit them. And a good beauty salon will not allow your kids in the treatment room with you. Will not be relaxed for you and the beautician. Many of the machines are expensive that we use. And not save for children. Only from around an age of 15 a 16 we can allow them to wait in the waiting area if they need a treatment too.

Don’t stare at me.

When you are receiving a treatment like a facial and i am sitting behind you. Don’t try to make eye contact. It will strain you neck and will be creepy looking for me. Certainly when you do it in silence. Just relax and close them.

See you next time.

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