How to: make an appointment at a beauty salon.


I am starting a mini series of articles about etiquette at a beauty salon. So let’s start to make an appointment. And yes this goes wrong all the time. Let’s imagine that it’s your first time and you call the salon.

How it should go:

Hello, Beauty salon Star. You’re speaking with Anne. How can i help you?

Hello, With Jane. I want to make an appointment for waxing of my legs.

Oke, That’s possible. Do you want the whole legs waxen or only the under legs?

My under legs please. Can it this saturday?

I will check for you. Have you been here before?

No, I didn’t been to you salon before.

All right saturday it is possible at four pm on upcoming saturday 16 of April. Can i have you name and number we can reach you?

Perfect. My name is Jane Wood and my number is 0611536366

Do you need any other treatment done like a pedicure?

No thank you.

Then that is scheduled for you with Michelle. It will take 30 minutes for the treatment. Just make sure that the skin is scrubbed the day before. If you are unable to attend please call us.

All right i will. See you saturday.

Yes, see you saturday at four pm Miss Wood. Have a nice day.

Thank you.

Went perfect right! Unfortunately this doesn’t happen often. 90% of the time there is a lot more questions involved from the person at the salon because people don’t tell what they want directly. Like this:

Hello, Beauty salon Star. You’re speaking with Anne. How can i help you?

Hello i want a facial.

Oke, and what kind of facial do you want?

Just a normal facial.

We got one that’s for an hour that covers cleaning of the skin, scrub, removing impurities, epilation of the eyebrows, massage and a mask. Is that something you would like?

Well i need just a normal facial.

I understand, But what is your understanding of a normal facial?


This happens often. The beautician can ask things for 5 minutes and still be nowhere.  So be clear what you want and When you got time. It helps if you checked the price list as well before you call. And ask anything that’s not clear to you. Trust me if you don’t ask now for tinting of eyebrows with your facial. You will not get it. Every salon works on timed planning. And on the day itself in a good salon will be booked full.

See you next time.

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