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How to get you dream job part 2


As part one is over your social media. This article will go over you’re curriculum vitae aka you’re CV. Most of you who read this will already have one. Check yours with the following Do’s and Don’t below 😉

No supporting letter included.
Why else send you’re CV to a company when the have no idea why they get it in the first place? It will give yourself a chance to explain you’re intentions to work at this specific company, any unemployment gaps in you’re CV ect. Most of the CV without a letter will go right into the trash. Is you’re applying online and there is no extra appendix other than you’re CV. Make the message section you’re letter.

Trusting the automatic spell checker 100%
Never to be trusted 100%. Because it checks words instead of sentences most of the time. And bad spelling is soo 2002 ;p And give a printout to a family member or friend to check it with fresh eye’s.

Write a CV and letter per job.
The most irritated fault for HR managers that read you’re CV is what there reading is not focused on the job opening. You can not use one CV and letter for every job opening. It can happen that one company has two job openings that you like and apply too. And they will notice you’re name and that they are copies.

Make it stick out.
A CV that has been printed on white A4 paper with black font and decorated in default order. Will not stand out in the large piles of responses. You will need to differentiate to be noticed. Using a unique layout, color, font and other different formats, allows for considerably more appeal. Make sure your resume is seen and found that you’ve already got the first blow. Beware there for your CV is not overdone, because that will in all likely hood raise an bad reaction. Make at all times your resume simple and easy to read, using clear section headings. An employer would prefer a glance to filter out the most important information. An ideal CV has a distinctive layout, a professional presentation and a concrete, clear and very readable content.

Make it personal.
Let you’re personality shine through and be positive about you’re qualities. Enlighten you’re good achievements on you’re previous work. Stay honest and true because lies always come out. And always add a picture of yourself. This will give the CV a face.

Seen you next time.

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