How to get longer hair.

Currently i am letting my hair grow longer. So after some research i found some tips to help it. Of course hair grows in a certain rate. And trying to make it grow faster is not possible. So if you want to know that i need to disappoint you. But the quality of your hair you can influence.

Use once a week a hydrating mask. A conditioner you can rinse very quickly out. This may not be enough to keep the hair flexible. Everyday sealing your hair ends with a hair serum helps as well. Surtanly with little dead ends. We are talking here over a few millimeters.

Brush your hair thoroughly but carefully. If you’re not careful, the brush will damage the hair. A brush with natural boar hair is the softest for the hair. Start with the tips and work thru the top. Make sure you stimulate the scalp as well. This improves the blood circulation, what in turn makes it easier to get the nutrients to the roots.

Eat protein, this are the building blocks of the hair. A balanced diet with enough vitamin B, multiple fatty acids and proteins. lysine is considered one of the most important amino acids for your hair. This includes meat, tempé, quinoa and amaranth.

Dry cutting is gaining popularity in the hairdressing world. logical, because as a hairdresser you better see the end result. Especially with hair with stroke or curl. Wet hair is heavier and that makes it harder to estimate how the dried up curl springs back. Fine hair and frequently colored hair also benefit from a dry haircut. Wet hair is more vulnerable.

Every time you wash your hair, the water opens up your scales, washing away color pigments. Do not wash your hair every day and use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates are brilliant in cleaning, but sometimes there is something too good in their work so your scalp can become too dry and your hair color fades more quickly. Hair care products with ‘humectants’ retain moisture. There are also types of humectants that catch moisture from the air and give more volume. You can find them in styling products. Convenient in a central heating climate.

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