How to manage like a pro.

So my life changed a lot in the last few weeks. That’s why I just missed time to write. So as this week I work 6 of the 7 days. And getting temporally a leader function for a team of 5 is hard work. I love my day job of course. And my team! So it gave me the idea to write about leadership. In my case, I worked together with the team as an equal coworker but with 5-year experience. Now nobody in the team worked longer than 3 years. This was one reason they accepted me as a leader.

Now I like to see myself as a leader instead of as a manager. Because I like to lead by example and work with the team. And not let it look that I am better and above the work. I will do the boring or unpleasant work if needed. I work in a cosmetic shop but the tips are with a twist suitable for every work field.

#1 Lead by example.

Like I said above, leading by example works. Why should your subordinates do the work you never do? This is especially if you did not work your way up in the company but start as a manager right away. This earns respect with them. And that is what you want If you have respect from your people below you, they will work for you harder and will help you. They will speak up if they think you don’t see an upcoming problem.

#2 Be fair.

You can not like your subordinates the same. You will click more with one than the other. And that is fine. But keep your personal preference aside with making work decisions. Like making work schedules for the month. For example, your work bestie needs to work at least 30 hours a week to get by.  But the quota in hours is already reached with her on 20 hours a week.  And there is no extra work to be done. You can only give her the 20 hours. But if you do schedule her in for 30 hours. And another employee comes to you to get more hours because they need it. And you say no. It will give you crooked faces all around. You will lose their respect and your credibility.

#3 Think ahead.

A good plan needs to be in place to make it clear what the next step is. Make long-term goals. And divide those into smaller tasks. For example, the head office wants to make double the revenue this year than last year. Make a plan with the team to get there. Let them pitch ideas together. This strengths the team spirit. And gets all the heads in the same direction.

#4 Make it look sensible.

Your the link between the company thought and idea’s and what actually happens from day to day. In the most company’s the vocabulary sounds so high and mighty. But won’t work when you use it against a client. You need to translate the idea’s from the head office in common language. And let your subordinates think with you to make it work with the clients. Always keep in mind head office looks at numbers more than how to get the results.

#5 Give thrust, freedom, and responsibility.

You can’t do everything yourself. Then you are always working and still not get the things done that are the priority. You are there for the big overview. Some tasks you need to delegate. If you have juggling 20 balls, 7 are big, 5 are medium and 8 small. the small ones need to go. These everyday easy tasks can be given to subordinates to let them grow in self-esteem, feeling responsible and decision making. Choose the right person that can handle it already but thinks they cant.

#6 Give the opportunity to grow within the company.

Most people aka 2018 don’t want to work in the same job for 40 years. Think 3 to 5 years max. so keeping good employees is letting them envolve at work. Making promotion makes employees more engaged with the company. This is also the only way to keep good employees within the company.

So hope you had some good tips to incorporate and think about., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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