How i do my nails


Because i am a nail polish lover by hart. I always have a color on my nails. The days that i don’t have time i always use a transparent polish, that can be a top or base coat. As you can see in the pictures below, it is very basic. I never use a buffer for my nails anymore. Have used one in the past but my nails became to weak. And ripped of all the time. It took a couple of months to recover from it.

The nail essentials.

I don’t know why i piked the cotton pads because next to it is a dipping nail polish remover. It became a habit of me. Next to that is a base coat (Essie, millionails), Color and top coat(Essie no chips ahead). I already have a article so you can see the end result. A glass nail file of KOH, the best way to file your nails. Use this one already 5 years. It’s easy to clean with a hand wash and alcohol. A cuticle slicer for after you pushed the nails with a cuticle pusher. This is not necessary but i like that the nails look cleaner. Be careful when you use this because there is a risk of slicing to much. Or you can create a wound. Keep in mind that you’re cuticles protect you’re nail roots.


A cuticle pusher. Always use it after i massage the nail oil(Yves Rocher 100% jojoba oil) in to make my cuticles softer. A skin clipper for any loose sheets of skin. And as last a brush to remove any dust of filing my nails.

The right order to use is of course: nail polish remover, glass file, brush, nails oil, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, nail polish remover, base coat, color, top coat and nail oil.

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