How i do my eyebrows.


Today i will show you how i do my eyebrows. Too keep them nice and beautiful i tint and shape them around 3 a 4 weeks. Your eyebrows are very important to shape your face and give it expression. Good shaped and colored eyebrows will always be in style.

So, these are my brows before. Luckily my hair are pretty blond that need to go. This why most people don’t even see them. I will first tint them before shaping them. The reason is that the brow color i use need to add peroxide 3% in creme formula. This can sting a little. And i will see blond hair better. The brand is called Refectocil in natural brown number 3.

Using a brown color with a little black keeps the color cool toned. I am leaving it on for about 5 minutes. Depending on what kind off brow tint you use this can be different. Yes i have a bare face here. No make up at all.


Now its it time to clean up the shape.  I start by using a little comb and scissors to tale of al little lengt. I only use a tweezer to keep control over it. This will take longer too do than wax. But i can’t use wax on my face. I will get irritation like little white heads. I will keep my natural shape. On most people this will look best.

And there done! Took me around 20 minutes in total. And looks way better i you ask me. As a tip i can give you is too NEVER remove hair on top of the brows. This will ruin them.

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