Guide for the workplace of your dreams: Zoning part 3.

Creating the best and most productive work environment for yourself and your team. That’s where this mini-series will tell you. There are 3 blogs witch this is number 3 of. Made this for management but also the staff. Let’s create your dream workplace!

In this part of the series, I am going to delve deeper into the tasks that a zone gives. This can vary greatly per company. Every company has its own rules. For example, there are companies that do not want staff to supply the store from behind during opening hours. This to maintain a peaceful environment. while the stock in the store drawers may again. These rules must be the same for everyone. and everyone to be aware of. Making this known is a task of the management team.

It is important that the zone is kept up to date by the assigned staff member. Such as keeping clean and topping up from the store’s drawers. This is to keep the customer’s shopping experience high. Nothing is more irritating to look for things in a dirty and chaotic environment.

For every employee, it is important that the customer is always seen as the first priority and that all tasks can be left out if there is insufficient time for it due to customer pressure. When a task needs to be done on that specific day. Give the employee enough time by supporting or even reducing other tasks for the employee concerned. Just never remove the employee from his / her zone to complete the tasks that are endowed. This gives the employee the impression of not being important. And become insecure in his / her work because of this. A better solution is to help yourself as a management team or to have a zone shared with an employee from the sales team. So that the customer remains priority number 1.

Let me know in the comment what weird workplace rule you have at work?

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