Guide for the workplace of your dreams: Zoning part 2.

Creating the best and most productive work environment for yourself and your team. That’s where this mini-series will tell you. There are 3 blogs witch this is number 2 of. Made this for management but also the staff. Let’s create your dream workplace!

In part 2 we will focus on the term zoning and what this means within the team. The literal meaning is ”The right person in the right place at the right time with the right customer-oriented service task”. This increases customer satisfaction and sales

When opening the store, it is important to determine the back office tasks of the day, when to do and who will do this. It is important here that the sales team should not be burdened as much as possible. These tasks can best be done by the management team. The reason for this is that the sales team is the face of the company to the customer. The strongest capacity is also there. Tasks that are immediately visible to the customer, on the other hand, can be very well done by the sales team such as replenishing and keeping the store clean. In this way, the sales team keeps the view on the customer and the possible needs thereof.
These tasks must be made known to everyone by the management team.

With zoning you set up the strongest person per catergory in the store. For example you have a pet shop. co-operation Tim knows everything about fish but nothing about cats. His zoning will then initially be in the fish department. Certainly at busy times. But in order to make a multifunctional employee of tim, it is important to train Tim internally or to send a course to calm moments in order to also gain good knowledge about other departments. So that every member within the team can be deployed more flexibly. In addition, by investing time in Tim, he feels more valued and connected to the company.

With the course of the day the management team updates the sales team in terms of figures and progress of the day.

Zoning differs per store, day and team. Time of the year is also an important factor. During the Christmas period you work differently than normal. The larger the store / company, the more staff deployment in different zones.

The rules you followed are:

  1. the employee with the zone closest to the door greets the customer
  2. the employee with the zone closest to the cash register settles with the customer.
  3. more than 3 customers at the cash register there is a cash register. This is to prevent the customer from waiting unnecessarily long.
  4. an employee helps the customer where necessary, but when the customer is helped, the customer returns to the assigned zone.
  5. divide the zones with only 2 employees in the left and right parts of the store. where they themselves perform the checkout operations of their own assisted customer. Do not hang around the cash register.
  6. Rate sales results as a team and not per person.

Divide the break time outside busy periods of the day so that there is always enough staff on the floor.

The view of the store is always important for the entire staff. Also called a helicopter view by every person. This means that every staff member keeps track of the clients present, assisted or not, and co-employees position. in this way, the customer is not asked double questions and it is noticeable when a colleague needs help in his / her zone by a colleague who has no customer at that time. Finally, this also reduces the risk of theft since every customer is noticed. And thieves then feel viewed. Most will drip off at that time. Stimulating helicopter behavior of personnel is therefore also essential and helps to create a committed team with smooth working days.

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