Getting rest is difficult? This is how you approach it.

Relaxing is very important, especially if you want to spend your work or study week with enough energy. Yet coming to rest is harder than it seems. Because how do you let go of everything and do you really have a moment for yourself, so that you can then continue full of energy?

Coming to rest is difficult.
You probably know it: you do not want to do anything but your phone keeps on making noise and your thoughts go from your tax return to the dishes you still have to do. Arrgh! This ensures that during our moment we still feel uneasy for ourselves. We get a lot of stimulation nowadays, which means that our brains get used to almost constant dopamine pulses. Our brains are therefore no longer used to doing nothing. As soon as you get bored you will get the urge to generate another dopamine pulse, by checking your email, your Facebook, etc.” Its a kind of addiction.

Letting go.
Nevertheless, it is very important to come to terms and relax for a while. But how do you handle this? Let go of everything that gives you stress, which sounds much easier than it is, so you really have to train on that. According to the sleep experts, it is important to create a routine in your life, and then also really plan a moment where you take a rest. Calming down can actually be done very easily with a breathing exercise, your stress levels drop as a result. Does everything keep you going through your mind during your rest moment? Here, the sleep experts are happy to find a solution: “To put all worries out (temporarily), you can also take three minutes to write down all the to-dos and concerns with a possible solution. you do not have to worry about it anymore since it’s all on paper. If one of your concerns is something you can not solve in the short term, then it does not make much sense to talk about it at that moment. ” Sounds logical!

Grab your moment.
the sleep experts say how often you should take a moment for yourself. The answer? Every day! And especially before bedtime. This way you go as stress-free as possible and you get the most out of your sleep, and you are more equipped the next day and you are also more productive. Extra tip: Do not use your phone in the bedroom anymore, so that your bedroom is always a place where you can relax. Your phone is one of the main factors of that restless feeling that you have. And yep, this will ultimately lead to more energy. Who would not want that?, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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