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Get organized today! 4 Tips!


Today is it world organize day! So today i will give you 4 tips to get started. Of course i will always advise you to start small.

So for all the lady’s and men that carry a handbag. Get a space that is flat and turn your bag up side down. If you don’t have the habit to empty your bag every end of the day. And feel the weight of a empty bag. Doesn’t is that a great feeling. Make piles of what you need everyday, trash and what still is good but doesn’t need to live in your bag. Get your wallet out and do the same as your bag. How many old receipts did it contain? Put your essentials back in the wallet and bag. Trash in the garbage. And get for the left overs a new place.

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Every one has appointments to keep. And the way you keep track of them is for everyone different. I knew a friend that wrote everything thing to remember on post-its. If you turned her bag up side down. It would rain post-its Needless to say she was never where she needed to be. So i shall advise a paper planner or one on your cellphone. Mine is from google agenda. I got one for personal stuff and the other for the blog. Linked together it is easy to keep track.

Planning your day. Normally everyone has a To Do list wrote down or in there head. But how much do you really get done? So write everything down on a piece of paper. And pick three thing that need to be done by today at 18.00. Naturally when you set a end time, you will be more productive as well. I will give in the future more tips for being more productive.

Make a home routine for a week. Especially when you have a full time job. This way you don’t have to do everything on your off days. Like monday dusting, tuesday vacuuming and wednesday watering the plants. You get the feeling. Take also 10 minutes a day to clean after yourself. Just set a timer to do it.

Hope you have a good start in the right direction!

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