False hair facts for hair growth.


Every girl and woman on this planet heard about magical tips to improve hair growth. Of course they are fiction, but still are believed to be true by some. And they keep spreading the rumors. So lets explain it myth buster style!

Cutting your hair regularly makes it grow faster.

New healthy hair has a pointed end. When this hair is cut, it appears thicker. This is seen by many as more healthy hair. It removes the dead ends that make your hair look dry. But remember it takes length as well off.

If you pull a grey hair out, they multiply.

This is rubbish of course. On that place is one hair follicle. And makes only one hair at the time. If the false fact wat true, there was nobody with bald patches.

Fish oil stimulates hair growth. 

From studies after these supplements it made known the magical ingredient is omega 6. This is also found in normal meat and vegetables. These meats and veggies have also more beneficial nutrition inside them. That help you in more ways. So keep your money in your wallet. And buy for a fraction of the price good meat and vegetables.

Stress can make you in one night totally grey.

Your hair grows from the follicle. And doesn’t change when it’s out of the follicle. A stressful day can not change that. But a prolonged period of stress can make you loose more hair than normal. On the long term you may become earlier grey due too genetics.

If you brush your hair 100 times before going to bed. Than grows the hair faster and becomes it fuller. 

Your hair brush makes frictions with the hair. This can make the hair more fragile and potential break off. When the hair knots are gone, stop with it.

And not but least, shaving and waxing makes hair come back thicker. 

No, it doesn’t change the structure of the hairs. If you shave a hair will it be like an you cut hair. The pointy tip is made blunt. Waxing pulls the hair out from the follicle. The follicle will make the same way a new hair.

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