Double cleansing Methode

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It’s probably a word or actually two words you determine heard before: Double cleansing. But what does it really mean? To translate it into Dutch is actually clean double. The love that you clean the skin twice and only then your lotion, cream ect used.

Most of you will cleanse your skin with milk and lotion. There is nothing wrong with that of course. And some even just a cleanser or wipes. In itself, I like you do every day a problem with these methods. It is simply not enough. But back to the topic. The idea behind double cleansing is actually very simple, you should first remove your makeup and then the dirt from the outside as exhaust. A beautiful brand that sustain this method is Kanebo Sensai. The method they have taken Sensai Saho. And is based on the Japanese tea ceremony.

In this picture you can see what is actually sitting on your skin as makeup




Step 1                                                                                                                                               Step 2

The first step is to cleanse the skin with an oil, cream or Balm. These are fatty products to remove your make up and skin oils. This would never happen with an easy cleansing because there is not strong enough. Because oil floats on water and does not dissolve. And your cleansing the water.

The second step may be a foam, soap or gel because you’re going to remove the water-soluble dirt. The skin is now ready for your lotion. The lotion refreshes the skin while cleansing.

This looks like the skin before:


This one is the skin after cleansing:


As you can see, the structure is much softer.

What it really comes down to is that two clerical structures cleaning perform each removed a certain kind of dirt from your skin.

Then you need to hydrate the skin in 3 steps maximum. A emulsion or serum, then lotion an as last a creme. Keep in mind your own skin type and skin absorbing effect. Environmental factors dehydrate and damage the skin.

To have just come back to the cleansing wipes earlier in this article. Using some only on very tired days. And wipes just before you exercise, to remove your make up. If you come straight from work. And at festivals/camping where you spend the night with limited water near you. It’s a stopgap not for every day thing.

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