DIY: Perfume étagère make over


In march i showed you my current perfume’s. And now i will show you the making of the étagère where they stand in. My mom got it as a gift with plants on it. She didn’t want it anymore so gave it to me. I painted it with paint we had left over at home. And the other stuff we had as well already.



It was pretty in need of some TLC and a little out dated for me. Was very Rivièra Maison look about it. I like more a tighter modern and industrial design. So that wooden heart with ribbon needs to go.


All i needed was a primer, white paint, wooden stick, old newspaper, two sized brushes and an old flower pot. I did this DIY in my little shed that’s why you see an bike wheel and broom on there.



First i sanded every wood part outside. And removed the dust with an old rag.



This is why i needed an old flower pot so i could do the bottom and little feet. If you would do this too. First do the bottom and then the top.



Hanging round things made it very easy to paint the sides well. When that dried the top and bottom got painted.



The result the day after was much better and more the clean style i like. You still see the crack in the bar but i don’t mind that. Tadaa!


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