Dealing with dehydrated skin.

Often you read in magazines that models say that their skin shines so beautifully by drinking water. Of course this helps you on your way but that is not enough unfortunately.

Now you must always ensure that you drink between one and a half to two liters of water. Do not go overboard with large amount of drinking more than three liters. one does this easier than the other. drinking too much water is very dangerous.

Besides good hydration from the inside, it is also important to work from the outside. You do this in different ways. The more your skin is hydrated from the outside, the better the skin is able to retain moisture. Products with oat extract and glycerin work very well.

At night it is very important to apply a good moisturizing night cream. The best result is obtained by applying it to a cleansed skin. And let it work for 15 minutes before you go to sleep. Take a night cream containing, for example, the ingredient shea butter. Nice and thick of substance. your skin will recover and can use food.

Of course there are also additional supplements to take. Always pay attention to the composition. For the skin, hyaluronic acid is a very good one. This fabric is already naturally in us. It has the property to fix its own weight of moisture many times. In this way you build up the moisture level. and the better you take care of your skin benefits your body. always remember that your skin is the mirror of your health inside. is your skin dry? then take it from me that there is also a lack of moisture inside. Unfortunately, your skin is the last organ that gets fluid and other nutrients. But your biggest organ.

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