Day in my life post operation.

Inspired by the day in my life vlogs on Youtube. I had this idea. Until you experience a long recovery periode yourself. You will not know how life changing it is. And when you have done it, you will support others going thru it more.

So my day starts at 7.30. Getting up is a task on it’s own. Starting with a shower. The extra things i need is a stool and a shower cover over my leg. My cast can’t get wet for the obvious reason. Sitting on a stool is way more relaxing than standing on one leg for 20 a 30 minutes. Further it is business as usual. After i am done its hopping on crutches back to my bedroom. Getting dressed, doing my hair and skincare is all done sitting down.

Time for food! So it’s now about 9.00. And will eat my standard breakfast today. A bowl with yogurt, oats, apple and cinnamon. Usually prepared the night before. So i only need to add the apple in the morning. Saves time if i need to work. I don’t at the moment because of my ankle. But rolling in my wheelchair i manage it.

During breakfast i catch up on my social media and the blogs statistics. And make a plan for the day. I don’t feel comfortable leaving the house on my own. Will take me to much strength and know that i will be to funarable to my liking. So most of the time i am home. So today is a blogging day. So after 2 hours of writing it’s time for a break. A tea break. I always take my tea to my laptop and watch a bit youtube. After that i’m back to work. Changing it up with making the necessary pictures for my articles. This way i keep focussed and while i make the pictures i get most of the time new ideas for articles. Taking pictures will take my most of the time about a hour till two hours. Depending on what kind i need and the amount.

So now it’s past one o’clock and time for lunch. Usually i just take two pieces of bread but didn’t wanted that today. So did go for noodles instead. Easy and fast to get ready. While i wait to get the right consistency, I take a look at my emails. i always do them every day. With a system that i do only the once that came in yesterday. This way i always know how many there are. And i am done very quickly. I did wrote about my email habits before. You can read it here. 

By this time i will edit my pictures so there are consistent with other article’s. Never takes very much time. Because i make the pictures as best as i can when i take them. Adding a mark to it is easily done as well. It’s all about the right programs to work with. So after 30 minutes i can put the pictures with the articles. By this time it will be around 4 o’clock and have a couple of article’s done and scheduled. If i am in the flow i will return to writing out the idea’s i got taking pictures. Today that is the case. I always stop at six for dinner. Before i actually eat i need to give myself jab with blood-thinning medicine as the cast is still on. And after i don’t work if the rest of my family is home. Then it is time for watching our series. And relax. Around 11.30 it’s time to call it a day., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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