Bone care after surgery.

So of course all if the care needs to be from within. And your body is already hard at work to repair the damage. But making sure the body has the right building blocks to do the job is making it easier. Naturally the whole body gains by taking the right foods.

At birth you have about 350 bones. And when your done growing, you have 206 bones left. Because of this you have the ability to walk, jump and run. It shapes us literally to the shape of a human. Some bones have also protective function like skull and ribcage.

Bones are build partly out of protein. Held together with minerals. Those minerals are calcium and fosfor. Together these are like a glue for the protein. Bones are small blood factories. They make red and white blood cells and platelets. In adults this happens mainly in the pelvis, the sternum, the ribs and the vertebrae. In children, blood cells are made in almost all bones with bone marrow. Blood vessels are located in small holes in the bone surface. They continuously supply blood to the bone. On the inside, bones have a red, spongy substance. That’s the bone marrow. Blood cells are made there. For strong bones – and teeth – it is important that you get enough vitamins that help your body to make the lime. Those who eat badly for a long time or who are old, may develop bone loss. There you get ‘slack’ bones that break more easily.

The best way to care for your bones after surgery. Is to eat a variety of foods. So you get al the nutrition you need. The best rule to keep in mind is to eat everything that: walks, flies, swims or grows. So every animal, fruit or vegetable basicly. Soft drinks with carbonic acid can weaken your bones if you drink enough of it. If you have any questions about keeping healthy, contact your general practitioner.

You can do more to keep your bones in good shape.  For example exercising regularly. But because after most surgery’s this is not really possible. That’s why i will only mention it here., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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