Belly Piercing: The advantages and disadvantages.

A few years ago it seemed to be a downright trend: taking a belly piercing. But before you make a hasty decision, it is good to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of such a sparkling belly.

Do I really want it?
First think carefully before you are sure that you are taking a belly piercing. Do not make an impression on others or walk behind your friends. You have to like it yourself. Want to take a belly piercing to show him or do you want it for yourself? Do you want to walk with navteglasses in the summer or does that not suit you? When you are younger and live in the house, you may encounter resistance from your parents. Respect the opinion of your parents. When it is not allowed, do it only when you are of age. Maybe your parents know you well and they know that you may regret your decision. Do not let a belly piercing sneak up. Your parents will find out anyway and you run the risk of going into the sea with a bad piercer.

Do I have a suitable belly / navel?
You may not have the right belly button for a piercing. For example, the belly button is too deep or has too much tissue. This will ensure a constant pressure on the jewelery, so that the wound can not heal. This often causes irritation or inflammation. If this is the case, it might be wise to omit a belly piercing. A too big belly can also be detrimental to a belly piercing. Once again, there is a pressure on the belly piercing that allows him to ‘grow out’.
Does it hurt?
This is a question that many people ask in advance. The answer is yes. It does just as much. But everyone experiences this pain differently. You have to take into account a vicious stitch. That is just happening. The time-honored proverb applies here: those who want to be beautiful must suffer pain!

The advantages
The benefits of taking a belly piercing are different for everyone. An advantage can be getting more self-confidence.

The cons:

Healing time
A belly piercing is a piercing with a long healing time. This means that you might be troubled by the piercing during this period. The wound often gets inflamed. This can be painful and annoying. Especially in the beginning you can not swim with a belly piercing. All in all, a belly piercing needs good care. You have to keep him clean every day especially in the beginning.

Grow out
Sometimes the body does not accept the belly piercing. It then repels the belly piercing, because it is a strange object in your body. The same happens, for example, when you have a splinter. He is slowly going to grow out of it, because your body knows that it does not belong there. Only a thin piece of skin develops over the piercing that eventually disappears completely. One day the piercing will just fall out. When you learn that this happens, take the piercing out or contact your piercer.

Continue to crochet
In practice it is not so bad, but you have a risk of getting caught behind your clothes or something else with your piercing. He can then tear out in the worst case. A recent news report even mentions a girl who has almost died from her belly piercing. She had an accident with her car, and because of the force of the airbag against her belt, the iron bar moved so far back that it almost touched her spine. She had to rehabilitate for months and kept a 25 cm scar. Of course you can ask yourself how great the risk of such an event is.

Sometimes people with a belly piercing regret their decision after a few years. They remove the belly piercing in later life. This creates a scar in the form of a hole. A dark spot may be visible around that hole. Unfortunately, this scar does not disappear anymore.

So do not just take a belly piercing but think carefully. See if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for you. And that is something that everyone must decide personally. I heard that a belly piercing disturbed your energy path. I do not know if this is true. but would not want it.

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