Becoming a morning person.

First of all i am still not a total morning person. This is still a work in progress doe me. So this is what i try to do every day.

Set up the night before.

Make sure you make the following morning as smooth as possible. Pre make your breakfast, pick the outfit and pack your bag. The time you save in the morning you can spend on exercise or like me prepping dinner.

This is the alarm clock that i have currently. Inside is a battery that when i ever get a power failure still wake up in time.

You need approximately 8 hours of sleep. 

Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep every night. Your brain needs it to recover and the rest of your body as well. So if you need to get up at 6.00 make sure to lie in bet at 22.00.

Stop snoozing.

On every phone or alarm clock is a snooze button. Stop using it. It makes you tired every time you use it. And only use a alarm clock to wake yourself. A smartphone is to tempting to scroll thru social media in bed.

Create a morning routine.

Do the same things in the same order every morning. This makes you faster and don’t need full on brainpower right away. Mine routine goes like this: wake up, put bathrobe on, take vitamins, pick breakfast out the fridge, eat breakfast, make lunch, brush teeth, put eye lenses in, get dressed, hair & make up, pick perfume of the day, put jewelry on, pack bag, put shoes/coat on and i am out the door. This is on a typical workday. On my days of its less of a hassel.

Exercise to wake up.

If you have a hard time waking up in the first hour. Do some form of exercise. Go for a walk/run or some yoga. If its your day of the gym is a good idea. This wakes the body up due the movement and sunlight.

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