Beauty Fact: pores cannot open and close!

Dear Gorgeous Reader,

When you browse magazines you will always come across enviable pretty faces. Full lips, an intense sexy look, and a smooth, even skin with no pores. Of course, we know that these beautiful pictures are subject to Photoshop, but did you know that smooth skin has nothing to do with closing the pores? In fact, pores cannot even close (and therefore cannot open).

I always believed that pores can open with steam and close again using a tonic. In my defense, I was still a teenager and not an esthetician when I believed that. Yet I often come across the term and I must confess that I have also often talked about “opening” and “closing” the pores. But what about that exactly?
You inherit pore size from your parents. Well, thanks, parents! Depending on your skin type, you have small, normal, or large pores and in most cases, this size does not change after puberty.
When you steam your face, the blood vessels expand (they get bigger) and your skin swells almost imperceptibly. This makes it look like your pores have narrowed. A tonic/lotion or cleanser slightly irritates the walls of your pores causing them to swell so that the pore itself becomes less visible, but in fact, they haven’t changed in size at all! Even with the best skin care products, you can’t hide the size of your pores for more than 24 hours. Such a shame!

There are many pore-minimizing products on the market, but in fact, this term is incorrect. Your pores are not actually narrowed, only by smearing the stuff it seems that your pores have disappeared like snow in the sun. Most pore-minimizing products are in the form of face primers that make your skin soft and smooth and your pores less visible. But as soon as you clean the stuff off your face … hello! Nice to meet you, my name is Mister Pore!
Pores have the shape of a “V”. What also helps is, therefore, exfoliating your skin. By exfoliating (either with a scrub or with a chemical peel) you remove the top layer of the “V” so that your pores will look smaller and finer. We do everything we can to get the best skin possible, but in fact, you don’t change anything. Your pore size is genetically determined and there’s nothing you can do about it!

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