Beauty Fact: Do you get pimples from chocolate?

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I wonder that! There are many scientific articles that have investigated the relationship between chocolate and acne, but in most cases, it is concluded that there is no link. There is no proof! That you would get pimples from chocolate is therefore dismissed as a myth, but is it true?

That you get pimples from chocolate is a myth, if I have to believe the researchers and dermatologists. No one has ever been able to demonstrate a connection, there is simply no evidence for it. But yes, something like that does not just come out of the blue right? I have been familiar with this so-called myth for years. Had I read it in a magazine somewhere, or did my friends or family tell me? I can’t even remember.

According to scientists, acne can only arise through heredity, hormones, stress, skin products, cosmetics, and the living environment. Eating chocolate does not cause pimples, but your skin could react to it because you are allergic to it. Often people do not realize that it is an allergy and that is why all the blame is put on that poor bar of chocolate. And that’s how the gossip started that chocolate causes pimples. Aha! So if I have a chocolate allergy? I get pimples as a punitive allergic reaction? A chocolate allergy exist!

There are also studies that claim that chocolate is good for the skin. As you know, our skin benefits from antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent skin aging and ensure that our skin looks radiant and healthy. And guess what? A bar of chocolate provides 1/3 of the daily recommended amount of antioxidants. Recent studies have also shown that chocolate boosts our serotonin levels. Serotonin is a substance in our brain that makes us calm and calm. Stress can make your skin very restless. If you eat chocolate, your serotonin level increases and we become calm inside again. Chocolate is a natural anti-stress remedy and, strangely enough, it could prevent acne. Well is you’re not allergic, isn’t that ironic. Don’t you think?

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Good, all nice and nice. Whether or not a bandage, Some just get pimples from chocolate. Because no connection has ever been officially demonstrated, you could, in fact, say that it is a myth, but in practice, it has been proven the opposite for the allergic group of people. That is why I have reformulated the myth for you so that no more misunderstandings can arise from this point on:

If it comes from an allergic reaction to chocolate, there is a possibility of pimples.

Tessa van den Brandt

So. May it be clear once and for all!
So it is always important to pay attention to what you eat. If you get pimples from a certain type of food, chances are that you are allergic to it (or one of its components). It is best to avoid this food from now on. It’s that simple. It is also important to eat healthy, varied, and responsible food. I am convinced that a healthy and varied diet ensures glowing skin.

Unfortunately, one can confidently work in 50 surprise eggs and not suffer from anything while the other already grows a pimple with 1 block of a Rittersport whole hazelnut bar. Do you get pimples from chocolate? No. You get pimples from an allergic reaction to chocolate and this varies per person.
Do you also get pimples from (an allergic reaction to) chocolate? And what about other types of food?
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