An Esthetician’s guide for beginners in skincare.

So depending on your age, lifestyle, and genetics your skin needs change. But there are always basic needs every skin. And as an esthetician, my daily job is to help you. So I thought to make a blog post to get you started.

Always keep in mind your skin type is leading in your choice. So your skincare will exist out of a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. So you can make it as elaborate as you want. Yes, my own routine is still work in progress. This always will be for everyone. Using the same routine and products for years is not what your skin asks for. That is eating the same foods at the same times for you. The skin is a reflection of your inner body. This changes by the minute. But some basic steps you can take are cleansing, toning and moisturize. These three steps are the stepping stones to good skin.


On daily basis, your skin needs twice a day help with cleaning itself. Your body does it from inside to outside. Every morning all the dirt lays on your skin. Then it’s our job to remove it. Depending on skin type and willingness to care for yourself makes the choice how you do it. Do you take the time to do it or only have 30 seconds? This says more about you than you think. What you invest in cleaning your skin, will make the look of the skin.

Twice a week is a scrub a deep cleanse. It will remove the dead skin cells. Use one without scrub particles in it. The work better and are less damaging to healthy cells.


A lot of women nowadays don’t use a toner after the cleaning the skin. This is a HUGE mistake. And I will tell you why. The skin has an acidity level between 4.5 till 5.5. Cleaning products change that, make it more basic. The level goes above 7, not sour anymore. Your skin can recover from this. But that takes time, but until it recovers the skin is vulnerable. And by the time it recovers, you clean the skin again. This downward cycle will not make a good skin. A toner or lotion depending how you call it. Will help your skin to restore the acidity level again. So the skin can focus on the moisturizing step.


The step no one forgets. If you do the skin will become uncomfortably tight. A big reminder to take action. But do moisturize further than your jaw. Your neck will love it too. Do it twice a day. As you may have noticed that I kept it simple and don’t recommend specific products. This is because every skin will react differently and have other needs. So for you the beginner in skincare. This is what you need.

Of course, there are a million things to improve your skin. And you can take big leaps forward with treatments. But make these little steps above make a routine. And make big steps forward every day.

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