Alcohol in you’re beauty products, bad or good?


Today I would like to talk about alcohol. In your beauty products is that is. Which is really different than in your glass;) The alcohol in your pot is a substance linked to what gets a bad taste. So you’re not going to drink it. Well italcohol happened.

This alcohol is known as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. If these rank high in the list of ingredients you can not go better use. These are rather for stripping the skin and dissolve fats.

Fortunately, there are also alcohol can have your skin easily handle, also called good alcohols. Namely cetyl alcohol, ceteary alcohol, myristyl alcohol and behenyl alcohol. These hold moisture and are not stripping for the skin
Is alcohol low in the list of ingredients, then it is used to dissolve into another substance and you can use it safely. For example, this happened in sunscreen products.
The reason that alcohol will continue to be used in products that kill the bacteria so it keeps longer. As a thinner, ant foaming and de greasing effect. To the de greasing effect for example feel toner / lotion so fresh. Then you crave your cream to get the itchy feeling from you’re skin away.

But the main reason to have lower the alcohol in your products as much as possible. Is that your skin barrier gets weaker. So that products can penetrate deeper. Both good and bad substances are more easily getting inside. In addition, it ensures that precursors of vitamin A as retinol and beta carotene do not get further converted into vitamin A acid. And vitamin A acid is your anti-age substance. So will you get older faster. It’s pro aging. And if there is alcohol inside make sure the are the good ones.

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